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Maximum Essential Omega-3™ - Mint - Softgels | Cardiovascular Health
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Our highest potency blend of Omega-3 oils with NO contaminants, NO mercury, and NO fishy aftertaste; delivering our highest levels of all-important DHA, plus EPA, DPA and ALA.
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Andrew Lessman's Maximum Essential Omega-3 is our highest potency blend of ultra-pure Omega-3s uniquely delivered with absolutely NO fishy aftertaste. Our Omega-3s exist in their most active, natural triglyceride form and not as inferior, synthetic ethyl esters. Omega-3s are required for the structure, function and health of all body systems and since they cannot be made by the body, their benefits are only available from cold-water fish or a quality Omega-3 supplement. Research has shown that diets rich in Omega-3s are associated with superior heart, brain, eye, circulatory and general health; yet the American diet delivers alarmingly low levels of these precious fats. Maximum Essential Omega-3 delivers an ultra-concentrated, but mild blend of DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid), EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) and DPA (Docosapentaenoic Acid), as well as SDA (Stearidonic Acid) from Ahiflower® Oil – its richest natural source. Typical Omega-3 formulas focus on EPA, which is less costly to provide, whereas our Omega-3s target vital DHA, which is essential for brain, eye and heart structure and function. In fact, the highest functioning areas of the brain and the most critical parts of the eye (macula and retina) contain and require ultra-high levels of DHA. Fish oil supplements have long been praised for their myriad health benefits, but they are also criticized for their aftertaste and potential contaminants; however, Maximum Essential Omega-3 allows you to enjoy all the benefits of fish oil without the contaminants, stomach upset or fishy aftertaste. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Ahiflower® is a registered trademark of Technology Crops, LLC. Consume one or more capsules daily or as recommended by your physician. As with any dietary supplement, this product is most effective as part of a healthy diet and active lifestyle.


No stomach issues!, Ryan
By Amazon, NV
No bad taste or stomach issues with this product.
Onega Three Vitamins, rbunz
By Amazon, NV
Good vitamins and easy to swallow.
Excellent, David
By Amazon, NV
Excellent product line and quality.
Great quality, D. Ussery
By Amazon, NV
Have taken these for awhile. Love no fishy taste
No stomach issues!, Ryan
By Amazon, NV
No bad taste or stomach issues with this product.
Onega Three Vitamins, rbunz
By Amazon, NV
Good vitamins and easy to swallow.
Excellent, David
By Amazon, NV
Excellent product line and quality.
Great quality, D. Ussery
By Amazon, NV
Have taken these for awhile. Love no fishy taste
helped my dry eyes, Enjoli
By Amazon, NV
This help my dry eyes completely. I take 3 a day because my eyes be so dry. It took about 1week for my to realize that I dont need eye drops. I will never go without this, period...
I feel much better, Rosie
By Amazon, NV
Very good
Best omega-3, Gilda Rodriguez
By Amazon, NV
Best Fish Oil, no after taste, easy to swallow and just amazing!! Love this product!!
Great item, K. Shaffer
By Amazon, NV
No fishy odor or taste.
Not 5 Stars But 10 Stars
By Michael, CA
I have used Andrew Lessman's fish oil products for close to 30 years. The first one I used was really good quality but it would make me repeat (fancy word for burp) and it would taste like bait. Literally fish tasting bait. I would use it because I don't eat vast quantities of fish and I know how good Omega 3's are for you. What I love about Andrew is he is constantly improving products. He then made fish oil that had mint in it. This product was great. No more fishy taste. But that product still made me repeat. It was improved upon again and this time had orange in it. Do you know what I tasted with this fish oil with orange? No it wasn't orange. IT WAS NOTHING!!! No repeating. No anything. I have tried many different fish oil products over the years and Andrews one with orange is best I've ever had. I take 2 at a time and even on an empty stomach and I don't repeat or taste anything and I don't get an upset stomach. I would recommend this product to everyone.
The fish oil is wonderfu
By Barbara, NC
I take 8 a day and went off the statins and the fish oil keeps my cholesterol down where the statins did
Lessman's Essential Vitamins, Amazon Customer
By Amazon, NV
Good product contains essential vitamins I need.
Good, Gail
By Amazon, NV
Andrews products are all good
Love knowing lessman vitamins and supplements are locally produced, Jenifer Taylor Eaton
By Amazon, NV
always fresh no aftertastes.
Excellent, *CLS*
By Amazon, NV
Excellent. I do a lot of research before I buy a supplement. I mean, I do extremely in depth research on every ingredient, how much of each type. I read the "other ingredients " label as well, which is where most of the seriously bad crap is found, in the fillers. I write to manufacturers when I need more answers and I test, and read test results from places like pubmed journals. Thus supplement meets a very high bar and I would highly recommend it.
5 Stars All The Way, Mary
By Amazon, NV
I take these gel caps every day. They are easy to swallow and do not leave any aftertaste. I get much better check-ups at the doctor's office when I take products by Andrew Lessman. Thank you, Andrew, and keep up the good work!
Easy to get down., Sheree Johnson
By Amazon, NV
I really liked this brand omega 3
No aftertaste, Sadiemarie M.
By Amazon, NV
These supplements are great. There is no aftertaste and they don’t upset your stomach
Confidence in this product, joanne taylor
By Amazon, NV
My last blood panel check-up for heart issues was great and I will continue to use Omega -3.
Best Fish oil out there., Nadine Doherty
By Amazon, NV
It's the best fish oil brand.I use to buy other brands found out it's filled with preservatives and other things. Thanks Dr Lessman.
It's a good one!, laura hilton
By Amazon, NV
Goes down easy!
And it works, Vinita khan
By Amazon, NV
Price is good
Best omega 3., rene
By Amazon, NV
Very happy
Easy ro swallowe., Ann
By Amazon, NV
Healthy and no after taste.
Excellent supplement, M&M
By Amazon, NV
I have bought this product for at least 20 years. I like the no after taste, good for my hair, skin and heart.
Excellent supplement, M&M
By Amazon, NV
I have bought this product for at least 20 years. I like the no after taste, good for my hair, skin and heart.
Great product, C. Houston
By Amazon, NV
Anything by Procaps Labs is a great product.
??, Tessa
By Amazon, NV
The best!!
Very healthy, Gloria Christner
By Amazon, NV
Great quality
Amazing product
By Leona, NY
This is a MUST in my daily regiment. Please bring back the 750 quantity special! I have not seen that offered in a very long time.
fish? What fish?
By Michele, NY
I was someone,like many others, who needed to start taking an Omega-3 but avoided them due to the aftertaste and the size. I am someone who cannot swallow a missile sized capsule of anything. Plus, burping up fish oil is not what consider a health benefit. After seeing Andrew's presentation on HSN, I decided to give these a try.First, I CAN SWALLOW THESE! They are much smaller then a typical Omega-3 supplement. Second, i waited, in horrible anticipation, for the after pill burping and fishy stomach upset. NOTHING! How wonderful. Thank you, Andrew, for creating an Omega-3 that i can actually swallow and stomach. I 'm sure my brain and heart are thankful too! DO NOT HESITATE TO BUY THESE AND DO NOT FALL FOR LESS EXPENSIVE VERSIONS unless you like to suffer after taking them. These are simply the best!!!!!!
Very happy with the purchase, Hollman Diaz
By Amazon, NV
Very happy with the purchase
No fish taste or smell, Grace V.
By Amazon, NV
Works great and capsules are not gigantic and no fish taste or smell
Triglycerides down so far
By Lynda, NY
I have been using over a yr. I couldn't stomach the statins and tried this .It works great so far.
Maximum Essential Omega-3
By Tyler, CT
Excellent product here. I went for the unflavored though the flavored options have very clean profiles as well which is crucial for those of us with chronic diseases. Andrew is not kidding when he says there is no fish taste to these as I was expecting slightly which doesn't bother me since I take these before eating anyways. Also the softgels are a little smaller than every other fish oil supplement I've taken; they are thinner in particular. I take two in the morning before eating breakfast and another two before eating in the evening and couldn't be happier with this product. It seems I'm a little calmer, my vascularity is more pronounced, and I could swear my brain is working more efficiently in multitasking, etc. Great, clean product. Thank You.
Worth it, Marianne McKinnon
By Amazon, NV
Good product
My husband is 84 and I am 71 and we are in perfect health., Paulette L.
By Amazon, NV
What can we say about these? My husband and I have used a number of Andrew's products<br />for 20 yrs. or so and these we never go without. My husband is 84 and I am 71 and we are<br />in perfect health.
Five Stars, MikeDWA
By Amazon, NV
So far so good me and wife is using it. It works for us.
Five Stars, Owen McCabe
By Amazon, NV
Good product
Five Stars, Numo
By Amazon, NV
Love it - love it - love it. No fish oil taste.
Five Stars, Dab
By Amazon, NV
Love it
Thanks Amazon!, Luckymommy
By Amazon, NV
I am so happy Amazon is selling Andrew Lessman. How convenient! I started to look for just about everything I buy on Amazon. I know that I will never have a problem with Amazon’s customer service. Pricing for ProCaps is good all the time without having to wait for sales at HSN. This fish oil really goes down well. I have been using the plain, orange, and mint for years. I like the mint the best, but you only taste it if you have a sligh “burp” after swallowing the pill. I also throw it in my dogs’ food now and then to make sure they get their omegas.
By Eric, CA
I wasn't getting enough omega3 and wow this product is Terrific!!! My cognitive function and mood are noticeably different. I recently had the opportunity and ordered the limited 750 cap size. I appreciate the quality and integrity of this product. Thank you Andrew
The Best!
By Sandra, CA
I take 3 capsules a day and notice my joints ache alot less if none at all. I also take his Vit C w/B Complex, Womens Wellness, NAC, Friendly Flora, Liver Antioxidant, Digest Assure when I need to and Immune Factor when the seasons change & CoQ10. We're doing pretty good and feeling awesome health wise on his supplements. We take no meds @ 55 & 57 yrs young, whatsoever and intend to keep it that way with a healthy diet and moderate exercise.
Love this product...
By Marie, MN
I have been using Andrew's Omega 3 product for quite sometime and my levels of omega's according to my Doctor is perfect, in fact all my levels of nutrients that I supplement are all perfect, My Doctor said she rarely sees labs like mine, that makes me very happy and I will continue taking all Andrew's products.
omega 3 orange flavored
By Wanda L, NH
Love, love this product but it's so expensive. Wish Andrew would offer returning customers a lower price. Available on ebay but still pricey.
No Fishy Taste!!!
By Paul, NH
This is a first! I have now ordered my 3rd bottle as I have taken 360 caps twice now. My Cholesterol has gone down many points, my LDL and HDL levels have flipped to the good side. My doctor is amazed, and I added recently the Krill Oil also, which is a great complimentary product. And I am a real, valid customer, and Andrew can prove it with my order history! I am so happy I came across Andrew Lessman a couple of years ago. I will never take another vitamin, and whenever I am in the Supermarket and I see people looking through vitamins I tell them about Andrew Lessman, and now, when I go to the Health Food store, I never have to look at their EXPENISVE products compared to these. These are cheaper if bought at the 360 caps level, and I recommend not this, but also his Founders Vitamin and the Krill oil. It has changed my life. Thank you Andrew.
Five Stars
By Amazon, NV
<div class="reviewText">excellent product at an exceptional price!</div>
By Amanda, FL
I normally do NOT write reviews. Before starting Andrew Lessman Vitamins, I had experimented with several "generic" vitamins. I was late 30s and had gained over 70 pounds with two pregnancies and my bloodwork - specifically my Tryglycerides were out of wack (up by 50+ points). Well, after 3 years of taking the vitamins - more so the last 1.5 years of taking them faithfully, I have lost 65 pounds and am down to my weight in College. My Tryglycerides have lowered nearly 80 points (which astounded my doctor). My good Cholesterol is UP 23 points. I figured out which A.L. vitamins specified to my needs and went from there. I would have to give applause to OMEGA 3's, Energy & Fat Metabolizer, Multi Vitamin - C0 Q 10. And, one final MIRACLE! In July of this year 2014, I was scheduled to fly to New York City to see a specialist in Orthopedics. I was 40 years old and needed two knee replacements from being an avid athletic - primary volleyball. After starting the vitamins which included the ones listed above, along with GLUCOSAMINE I was able to NOT HAVE THE SURGERY..... the doctor was amazed with my weight loss and my energy levels. So, if I can do it.... YOU can do it!! Thank you Andrew :)
By Amazon, NV
<div class="reviewText">This is the only omega-3 I will take, no fishy after taste and it the most pure fish oil there is.</div>
To Your Health
By Amazon, NV
Just what the doctor ordered! I couldn't find a product locally with all the ingredients my doctor had ordered, so had to rely on the trusty internet. This item fit the bill exactly. Time to reorder soon.
By Michael, CA
This product is AMAZING. I have taken fish oil for years for its health benefits since I just don't eat a lot of fish like I should. I fought for years taking fish oil because the capsules were large and I would always burp up disgusting fish taste. My mouth and breath tasted and smelled like bait for hours. Even Andrew's older fish oil without the flavoring. Sure the capsule was smaller but it still tasted like bait. Until the Mint flavored fish oil. I was now able to take fish oil without that fishy smell and taste. BUT, I still would burp up a mint taste UNTIL the orange flavor. This orange flavored fish oil is AWESOME! I tasted nothing and I burp up NOTHING! Thank you for such a wonderful product. And YES, I did say that a fish oil product is awesome. Great product.
Omega 3's Benefits by Bryan Stevens, D.D.S. in Upland, CA
By Bryan, CA
I take several of Andrew's supplements and Omega 3 is an important one. I noticed my skin on my face looked smoother and I break out less with occasional minor facial acne. I have heard that Omega 3 has other benefits including it helps with a healthier heart, healthier joints, and helps lower cholesterol. I take 2 capsules a day. I also take at least 2 capsules a day of Andrew's Green Foods Complex, and one packet a day of his Ultimate Multi-vitamin. These three products make an essential part of your nutrition. Because of my busy life style, I am often unable to get the nutrients I need from the food I eat. These 3 products help compensate that. These 3 supplements are a must. Bryan, Upland, CA
Long-term Customer - Cardiac Patient - Must Have This Product!
By Teresa, PA
I've used this product for five years now and am more than pleased with it. There is absolutely NO fishy taste whatsoever; each capsule is easy to swallow as well which makes adding this to my daily regimen even easier. I've also got a very sensitive stomach and this product serves me well in that area too.
Luv The Higher DHA Levels!
By Sandra, CA
I use to take the regular Essential Omega-3 and started the Maximum (actually was called Ultimate when it first debuted) Essential with the increased DHA levels and this really has improved my memory and overall health so much more then the old Omega-3. I can really tell a difference! Please do not stop making this Andrew as you really know your stuff especially with the benefits of having the increase in the DHA levels I know my brain is happier then it's ever been. I will continue to buy this Maximum Essential from now on so please do not stop making this! Thank you!
Love it.
By Patty, OH
I have taken this since it came on HSN....I have no trouble taking them and some big capsules I do. I never taste anything from them but to be honest I'm not positive what I get but I think it might be the orange. I take one morning and evening and I never have had any PM problems..
Great Product!
By Rhonda, TX
We love this product and the fact that now we only have to take one. No problems going down and no bad after taste. To Kathleen, MA - Use his original omega 3 instead. They are smaller and will be easier to go down. These capsules are I believe 20% bigger than the original because there is 20% more product that is why we can take only one of these capsules versus two of his original. Anyways, I hope this helps anyone who may be having this issue. Thanks Andrew for your great products! :)
Proof in the Blood work!
By Molly O., NC
I bought this for my husband and started popping 2 after dinner myself. I had my blood work done recently and my good cholesterol level was 40 beyond the desirable range! This is the only Omega-3 product that I've tried which has shown measurable results in my blood work. Thanks!
Easy to swallow, Rainbows
By Amazon, NV
Have only been using these Omega-3 vitamins for a month, but haven't noticed any negative side effects!! Am very impressed with Andrew Lessman's supplements.
These are the Best, Gramms & Gramps144
By Amazon, NV
I have been using these Omega-3 pills for a long while now and I really like them. There is no after taste ,and the capsules slide down very easily.<br />There are no unnessary added ingredients and are soy free.,<br />I will buy them again.
if too large, pierce the capsule
By Margo, IA
My husband likes the maximum, but I'm unable to swallow them, so I just pierce it with a sterilized safety pin and squeeze it onto my steel cut oatmeal at breakfast or on my salad at lunch; problem solved.
On the " Honey I want / need list"
By Amazon, NV
<div class="reviewText">It's what she wanted and it was what she got as as stocking stuffer. Came on time and she was happy with it.</div>
Prompt delivery, Florida rich
By Amazon, NV
The product is great<br />The time to receive it after ordering.
A problem with Maximum Essential Omega-3
By R. K., VA
I have ONE PROBLEM with your Maximum Essential Omega-3 capsules: Their size. I have had a lifelong problem swallowing pills/capsules. One of the reasons I love Andrew Lessman's products (other than their benefits and the "no fillers" aspect) is the size of the capsules you offer. I can always swallow them (not too large). I hope ProCaps Labs will *never* change this. I want to remain a customer! However.... I recently ordered your Maximum Essential Omega-3 capsules and found their size to be just a little larger than your regular Omega-3 capsules. The size was increased just enough so that I couldn't swallow them. I had to (unfortunately) trash the Maximum size and reorder the regular Omega-3 capsules. I realize I am in the minority with my problem, but if there is any way you could get the Maximum Omega-3's increased benefits into the Regular Omega-3-sized capsule, that would be fantastic. I am a great believer in Andrew Lessman's products and hope he never goes away. And please continue to be aware of clients like myself who do have difficulty swallowing pills.... Thank you for your great products, R. K. Berry
They smell really bad. this cant be normal
By brian, FL
I really wanted to like these, but they smell really fishy. I know, fish oil smells like fish, quit complaining. But these smell really bad. everything I read on fish oil says you can do more harm than good to your health by taking rancid fish oil, and that good fish oil has almost no odor. I even contacted customer support to verify, and was told that yes, they do have a pungent odor and that is normal. Sorry. I cant take these anymore. Unfortunately I am 2 weeks past the return date. I emailed customer service within a few days of receiving the product, and when they said it was normal, I just kept taking them. Now, 6 weeks later Im giving up. these are going in the trash. I probably shouldnt have ordered so many without trying them first. Lesson learned.
By Kathleen, MA
I have taken your Essential Omega Three's for years now, never a problem & expected the same results with this product. I bought this product as a TS at HSN in April, it was called the "Ultimate". First of all, the size is bigger. It seemed to be stuck in my throat; I took it with dinner & plenty of water. All night I struggled with this feeling violently ill, slow build up. I went to bed and at 3AM, woke up out of a sound sleep in pain, and debated going to the ER. This item disappeared off HSN & ProCaps, almost immediately after its introduction. Now it is back, same product, different name. I have read lots of complaints about this, mine included. I will never take this again. I am very wary of future purchases after this experience. No one is addressing people's concerns about this. I am very disappointed in how this has been handled, with many people having similar experiences to mine. Worth mentioning, I NEVER tasted the Orange essence before with the Essential version. When I was so sick that night, I tasted the Orange for the first time. It was very strong. I could say more, but I won't. I finally was able to review this product, after not being able to on HSN Reviews. Take a look at the HSN Message Board.


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Supplement Facts
Serving Size 2 Softgels
Amount Per Serving . %DV*
Calories 10
Total Fat 1.5 g 2%
Cholesterol 5 mg 2%
Fish Oil (anchovy, mackerel, menhaden, sardine, tuna) 1,210 mg
    Total Omega-3 Fatty Acids                                                          >1000 mg
             DHA - Docosahexaenoic Acid (Omega-3)                                                                  500 mg
             EPA - Eicosapentaenoic Acid (Omega-3)                                                                   350 mg
             DPA - Docosapentaenoic Acid (Omega-3)                                                                  50 mg
             ALA - Alpha-Linolenic Acid (Omega-3)(from B. arvensis seed, Ahiflower® oil)          70 - 80 mg
             SDA - Stearidonic Acid (Omega-3)(from B. arvensis seed, Ahiflower® oil)                30 - 35 mg
             Other Omega-3 Fatty Acids                                                                                         50 mg
GLA - Gamma-Linolenic Acid (Omega-6)(from B. arvensis seed, Ahiflower® oil) 7.5 mg
* Percent Daily Values (%DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. † Daily Value not established

Other Ingredients: Soft-gelatin capsule (Gelatin, purified water, glycerin), Peppermint Oil (stem, leaf), Spearmint Oil (stem, leaf).
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