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pHact™ Moisture-Rich Cleansing Bar 4.25 oz

<b>pHact</b> is the remarkable result of over 30 years of research. No other bar or liquid has been subjected to such rigorous testing by dermatologists, pediatricians, ophthalmologists and gynecologists. <b>pHact</b> is the same pH of your skin and it contains absolutely no harsh chemicals or additives of any kind. <b>pHact</b> avoids the skin damage of soap and contains nearly one-third soothing natural moisturizer. <b>pHact</b> is perfect for hands, body and face or even as a shampoo or shave cream. <b>pHact</b> is just as mild as it is effective, so it is perfect for children, pets and even sensitive skin. <b>pHact</b> is also carefully formulated to be uniquely planet-friendly. <br><br>The best soap is not soap.<br><br>Soap is one of mankind’s first industrial products. Soap is a harsh industrial chemical made with highly caustic ingredients. Experts agree that soap damages the structure of our skin and should never be applied to it.