Free Range Collagen Peptides™ with MSM

Andrew Lessman's Free Range Collagen Peptides™ with MSM is revolutionizing collagen supplements. Collagen protein is an essential molecule providing for the strength and flexibility of our joints as well as the beauty and resilience of the skin. Our highly bioavailable collagen peptides deliver an exceptional source of collagen for skin, hair, and nail structure. Also enhanced with highly bioavailable organic sulfur from MSM, this supplement provides the precise peptides required for the health of all collagen-based tissues.

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Product Information


ANDREW LESSMAN'S Free Range Collagen Peptides with MSM provides a unique blend of highly bioavailable Collagen Peptides from Free Range collagen sources. Free Range Collagen is specifically selected for its unique ability to deliver the benefits to the vital collagen structure of our Joints, Bones and Blood Vessels, as well as our Skin, Hair and Nails. We enhance the benefits of this product by adding 500 mg of MSM (Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane), an exceptional source of highly bioavailable organic Sulfur, which is an essential element in the structure of all collagen-based tissues. Our Free Range Collagen Peptides mixes easily with any liquid and is flavor-neutral, while also free of carbohydrate, sugar, lactose, fat, cholesterol and sodium. It is also gluten-free and non-GMO (Not Genetically Modified) and contains no added ingredients of any kind (no flavors, sweeteners or preservatives). Collagen is the primary structural protein in the body, comprising almost one-third of the body's entire protein mass. The healthy structure and function of our skin, bones, arteries, veins and connective tissue (cartilage, ligaments and tendons) are all built on an integrating matrix of Collagen Protein. The healthy appearance of our skin is dependent upon the integrating structure provided by a Collagen Peptide matrix, which is why it is so often deceptively used in so many topical beauty products. Unfortunately, slathering Collagen Protein on the outside of our body does absolutely nothing for the internal collagen structure. The only way that Collagen Peptides can affect the internal structure of any of these tissues, including the skin and joints, is to deliver them where they can be utilized – inside our body. That is the basis for the unique quality, composition and absorption of our Free Range Collagen Peptides. It is an unfortunate fact of life that, as we age, our resilient, flexible tissues, including our skin, joints and circulatory tissues lose their youthful elasticity and flexibility. This loss of tone and resilience results from, among other things, changes in those tissues integrating collagen structure. Collagen Protein is the essential molecule providing for the strength and flexibility of our joints, as well as the beauty and resilience of our skin. In fact, it is this age-related change in these collagen-based tissues that is behind the wrinkling of our skin and the reduced flexibility of our joints and blood vessels. These tissues must endure a lifetime of physical demands and biochemical challenges, yet there is no molecule more central to the retention of their youthful structure and function than collagen. Accordingly, our Free Range Collagen Peptides provides a unique blend of the precise peptides required to promote the health of all collagen-based tissues. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Serving Size
1 Scoop (5.5 g) (2 1/2 tsp.)
Amount Per Serving
% DV*
5 g
Free Range Collagen Peptides
5 g
MSM (as methylsulfonylmethane)
500 mg

Suggested Use

Mix one or more level scoops of this product with water or a beverage of your choosing. It is neutral tasting and highly soluble, so it can be readily added to any smoothie, juice or water; however, when mixing directly with water or juice, it dissolves more easily if the liquid is not cold. As with any dietary supplement, this product is most effective when used as part of a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

Notice This product is a food suppplement and not intended for weight loss.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews


Great Product! I have been using this product for a few months and I can definitely tell a difference in my skin. I had a small patch of skin that looked like psoriasis. After about a month of using this product in my coffe every morning, it was gone. As a health coach, I recommend to my clients to use Andrews vitamins. I have been using them for over 25 years and would not even consider using any other product! Keep up the great work!
By Linda, FL on 4/25/2022

A great addition Just started using this in my mid 60's i hope it helps with better skin. I also added Omegas Fish Oil capsules to by day to assist. I find it taste fine Especially when I mix with a small amount of Chocolate Milk, taste fine. I am also seeking better joint and back health.
By Barbara, NC on 12/10/2021

Love this Product PLEASE GO BACK TO HARD CONTAINER,these bags are terrible..i love this product but hate the bag
By Kathleen, CA on 9/10/2021

Getting positive results I tried this product because my fingernails were splinting and catching on clothes, etc. I can now let my nails grow a little and keep them groomed, no catching on things. I also had thinning hair, that has changed considerably for the better. I have referred this product to others who are taking it. Grateful great grandma. I also have no joint pain to speak of at 85.
By Shirley, MI on 6/13/2021

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