Glucosamine Sulfate 1500™

Provides the optimum potency and the ideal form (All Sulfate) of the most important ingredient for the maintenance and repair of healthy joint tissue.

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Product Information


Andrew Lessman's Glucosamine Sulfate-1500 provides the optimum potency and the ideal form (All Sulfate) of the most important ingredient for the maintenance and repair of healthy joint tissue. Glucosamine is not a medicine that works on joint tissue, but is a vital structural molecule required for our joints to retain their elasticity and healthy structure as we age. Not surprisingly, the benefits of Glucosamine have been shown to extend beyond joint tissue and are also essential for the resiliency and flexibility of other “elastic” tissues in the body, such as the skin, arteries, veins and heart valves. Glucosamine Sulfate is always the first line of defense for joint tissues, but unlike ordinary products, we refuse to use unproven Glucosamine HCl (Hydrochloride). We only use the form of Glucosamine established in thousands of studies – Glucosamine Sulfate. Glucosamine Sulfate-1500 also provides bonus levels of Potassium, which is essential for heart, nervous system and brain function. No other body part endures more daily abuse than our joints and Glucosamine Sulfate has always been the first choice of experts as a natural tool to help combat and repair the consequences of a lifetime of wear and tear. As we age, we become more aware of our joints' inability to perform as they did in our youth. Glucosamine Sulfate-1500 provides the most important structural molecule required for our body to combat the normal erosion of these vital tissues over time. Every day, we place enormous demands on our joints and just as Calcium is essential for bones, it only makes sense to provide the same basic structural requirements to our joints with our gentle, yet ultra-high potency Glucosamine Sulfate-1500.


Serving Size
3 Capsules
Amount Per Serving
Vitamin C (as ascorbyl palmitate)
10 mg
Potassium (from potassium glucosamine sulfate)
260 mg
Glucosamine Sulfate
1,500 mg
       as Potassium Glucosamine Sulfate 2,000 mg
* Percent Daily Values (%DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. † Daily Value not established
Other Ingredients: Gelatin capsule.
Common Allergens: Shellfish - Contains an ingredient derived from the shells of shellfish (shrimp, crab and crawfish)

Suggested Use

To achieve the optimum levels of Glucosamine Sulfate established by the clinical research on joint health, consume three capsules daily with food or as recommended by a health care professional. As with any dietary supplement, this product is most effective as part of a healthy diet and active lifestyle, along with a daily multi-vitamin-mineral formula.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews


Great quality., Marguerite Wilder I trust this Glucosamine because of it being from Andrew Lessman.
By Amazon, NV on 7/12/2021

Not sure if it’s good or bad, smithlo I’ve re-ordered this product many times. When I stop taking it my blood pressure increase… so I continue to take it.
By Amazon, NV on 5/31/2021

Just what I needed, butterfly62 I am noticing a difference in movement with regard to my knee. I also don’t have as much stiffness and the pain. I feel comfortable enough to go for a swim or workout Thank you, thank you!
By Amazon, NV on 11/16/2019

A vital part of being healthy., Review From Los Angeles Research glucosamine sulfate (sulfate, not the lesser absorbed forms) & you will see that it is very good for your joints, gut health & skin. It’s all true. &, I know it’s true, more than ever, because I stupidly stopped supplementing this for 6 months. I’ll never do that, again. Sometimes, you don’t fully understand how much something is benefiting you until you take it for granted & stop using it. No joke. This is a real review. I also benefit greatly by daily consuming Dr. Axe’s bone broth, & all sorts of supplements by Procap Labs, like the phytoceramides, omega-3’s, the collagen peptides, astaxanthin, cranberry benefits, CoQ 10 w/vitamin D, daily vitamin, breath plus, turmeric... I could go on! Andrew Lessman’s co., Procap Labs, has truly helped me become a healthy person. The way he makes his supplements follows the science! His co. does not cut corners in the quality/ efficaciousness department. Do the research. It’s worth your time. This product is part of a regimen that has greatly improved my health.
By Amazon, NV on 6/5/2019