Book - Muriel's ChocoNuvo Creations Cookbook

This latest addition to the cookbook collection includes fun, festive and delicious recipes that provide a variety of ways to incorporate ChocoNuvo into unique meals and desserts. 31 Easy, Creative Ways to Enjoy ChocoNuvo.

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In America, chocolate is typically consumed as milk chocolate and found in candy, confections, cakes and desserts. It is almost always mixed with a long list of “other” ingredients, with the most common being: milk, cream, flour, eggs and, above all, abundant amounts of sugar. Although chocolate has been treasured for centuries, in recent years, it has earned the respect of the scientific and medical community for its extensive health benefits. These benefits originate with the cocoa bean itself, which is why the healthiest way to consume chocolate is as a dark chocolate, a high percentage extract of the cocoa bean. ChocoNuvo is precisely that. It is only available as a rich, dark chocolate with your choice of 3 different intensities: 66%, 74% and 91%. All three intensities possess high levels of chocolate's protective compounds. In terms of our health, it is unfortunate that most Americans prefer creamy milk chocolate and avoid the perceived dryness and bitterness of dark chocolate. However, ChocoNuvo is different. Although it is a true dark chocolate, it possesses a unique, natural cholesterol-lowering ingredient that provides the same creamy texture of milk chocolate – even in our 91% extreme dark chocolate! We accomplish this without adding milk, flour or other ingredients. In fact, a 26-calorie square of our 91% ChocoNuvo contains less than half a gram of sugar (less than 1/8 of a teaspoon). Of course, ChocoNuvo is delicious on its own, but it is that same uniquely creamy texture and lack of bitterness that makes it ideal for cooking. Please feel free to get creative with some of Muriel's recipes that use ChocoNuvo in any of your own favorite recipes. You will love it! And, best of all, ChocoNuvo turns every recipe into a delicious, but powerful, cholesterol-lowering treat.

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