Moisture-Rich Cleansing Bar 1.5 oz

pHact is the remarkable result of over 30 years of research. No other bar or liquid has been subjected to such rigorous testing by dermatologists, pediatricians, ophthalmologists and gynecologists. pHact is the same pH of your skin and it contains absolutely no harsh chemicals or additives of any kind. pHact avoids the skin damage of soap and contains nearly one-third soothing natural moisturizer. pHact is perfect for hands, body and face or even as a shampoo or shave cream. pHact is just as mild as it is effective, so it is perfect for children, pets and even sensitive skin. pHact is also carefully formulated to be uniquely planet-friendly.

The best soap is not soap.

Soap is one of mankind’s first industrial products. Soap is a harsh industrial chemical made with highly caustic ingredients. Experts agree that soap damages the structure of our skin and should never be applied to it.

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Product Information


With its generous rich lather, pHact™ will thoroughly clean your hands, body, hair, and face, leaving a moisturized finish that will not dry or irritate the skin. pHact™ is a soap-free, skin pH-balanced cleansing bar with just four special plant-based ingredients that can be used to wash, shampoo and shave. pHact™ will provide a moisture-rich cleansing experience that helps to restore natural oils and is great for all skin types. You can feel good about using pHact™ for yourself and your family as there are no harsh ingredients and none with known or suspected hazards to people or the environment. • The Most Rigorously Tested Cleansing Experience • Dermatologist, Pediatrician, Gynecologist, Ophthalmologist Tested • Four Gentle Plant-based Ingredients • Fragrance-free • Soap-free and Earth Friendly • Natural Skin pH • Moisture Rich Cleansing Bar • Readily Biodegradable, Eliminates Four Plastic Bottles of Shampoo, Conditioner, Hand, and Body Soap • Non-comedogenic, Non-irritating, Restores Natural Oils • Great For All Skin Types, Perfect for Sensitive Skin Free of Sulfates, Parabens, Colors, Dyes, Soap, Gluten, Additives, and Preservatives

Suggested Use

Directions for Body, Hand and Face: Wet skin with warm water and work into a creamy lather, then rinse. Also, blends into a rich lather for shaving.

Directions for Shampoo: Wet hair and bar with warm water and work into a lather in hands or by rubbing bar directly on hair. Shampoo as usual, rinse and follow with conditioner if desired. Safe for color-treated hair.

Product Label

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews


Better than beekman shampoo bars I have baby fine hair and beekman shampoo bars leave a residue. The first time I used this my hair was soft, fuller looking and feeling, and I didn't have to use a conditioner for the knots. Most importantly, no residue. Oh yeah, my skin loves it too!
By Deanna, MO on 11/27/2023

Love love He has done it again. It’s the best soap I’ve ever used. Will buy n buy again. Just bought the small bars for stocking stuffers ??
By Cynthia A, IN on 11/13/2023

Very moisturizing! As is common, I love this new Andrew cleansing bar. I never use bars but I love it. It would be nice to have a lovely scent but I am willing to forego the scent for the moisture and healthy effects to my skin. The only thing I don’t like is the scent. Thanks Andrew!
By Marie, MN on 11/12/2023

High Quality When I ordered my CoQ10 they put in a small sample soap, once I read what it was i sure myself it was going to be a good bar soap and I know because I and most of my relatives we use highend bar soaps, I don't know if I could list brand names here, but I use high end natural bar soaps, but Andrew L and his team did a remarkable job introducing a veryyy good natural bar soap, at first my girlfriend did not like it only because there is no natural scent on it, but I told her she need it to try it, once she did she loved it, very fresh, natural, moisturized, I can only say that we will be ordering Andrew's bar soaps now, price is very resonable, I payed about $28 for a 12oz and doing the math to andrews bar soaps, I say price is good, thanks again Andrew and your team for always giving us the best
By Lucio, OR on 11/11/2023

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